The standard ONVIF protocol supports the H.264 video compression algorithm. Support IR_CUT, photosensitive trigger, provide mobile phone, computer, PC client; support day and night color black and white conversion; ICR switch, even in low light or even black environment can output clear
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FR4300 is an outdoor high-end waterproof fingerprint reader, using BioID waterproof fingerprint collector for data collection, and InBioX60 series, ZTHCAM series, InBio5 series access control controller 485 communication access, using main frequency 1.0GHz CPU, IP65 waterproof level.
☞ International standard Single Gang installation method, embedded installation design;
☞ Three-color light display, different colors for clocking and standby respectively;
☞ Buzzer sound prompt;
☞ Metal panel;
☞ Using main frequency 1.0GHz CPU;
☞ Use BioID waterproof fingerprint head for data collection;
☞ use RS485 to communicate with the controller;
☞ can be connected to InBio series\ZTHCAM series\InBio5 series access controllers;
☞ IP65 waterproof level;

Product name:

FR4300 fingerprint reader

Standby power:


Fingerprint peak current:


Operating temperature:

-10 °C ~ 45 °C

Working humidity:


Fingerprint algorithm:

ZKFinger 10.0

Manufacturer's name:

ZKTeco Inc.

Device name:


Power Specifications:

DC 12V

communication method:


Standard function:

RS485 communication, MF, buzzer prompt, three-color indicator light

Optional function:

ID card, HID card, Iclass card, junction box (iron, plastic)

Product Size:

121.3 × 77.3 × 37.2 mm

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