The Smart City is a hyperconnected city that uses urban data and information systems for public safety purposes.

AppVision™ integrates all current city security technologies such as video surveillance, video analytics, intercom systems, bollards, barriers and access control systems. AppVision contributes to a more efficient management of emergency situations. With its graphical features and maximum responsiveness, it enables direct interactions between control room operators and teams on the field, including the police.

Finally, AppVision™ guarantees a high level of cybersecurity thanks to networks and equipments monitoring via the SNMP protocol.


The Smart City takes into account the importance of urban mobility: private vehicles, public transport and pedestrians.

AppVision™ enables the supervision of signalling, traffic management, ticketing and user information systems. Control officers can in real time:

  • Improve traffic flow,
  • Assist with parking,
  • Inform about the traffic situation
  • Ticket fines in real time
  • Communicate with forces on the field


The smart city integrates the environmental stakes of quality of life.

Within this framework, AppVision™ is used to federate technologies and applications to:

  • Control energy consumption,
  • Measure the quality of the environment (air, humidity, wind),
  • Optimise waste collection and management,
  • Collect environmental data through IoT devices.