• Supports 4 readers, keypads or reader/keypad combinations for 4 door control
  • Full Stand Alone Operation with Local database of 20,000 cards or 7,000 events
  • Multiple Card Formats
  • Up to 8 Facility Codes
  • 38 Access Levels Per Card
  • Activation/Deactivation Time
  • 8 Relay Outputs (4 Door strike, 4 Auxiliary)
  • Control of up to 16 ADA-10/11 High Security Relay Output Modules
  • RS-485 or RS-232
  • 12 Inputs (4 Door Contact, 4 Exit Pushbutton, 4 Auxiliary)
  • 3 Color LED Support
  • Field-Replaceable plug-in communication drivers
  • Surface-mount manufacturing technology
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Apollo’s AAN-4/2/1 Integrated Controller-Interfaces give you the best of both worlds by combining a powerful controller directly with reader/door control. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the right controller for your application, supporting combinations of four, two or one readers with door hardware. AAN-4/2/1 controllers not only have standard features such as Precision Access and Full Anti-Passback, but can maintain normal functions in off-line mode thanks to a 20,000 cardholder/7,000 event local database. The AAN performs as a self-contained controller, communicating directly to Apollo’s APACS Software, making it ideal for add-ons to a larger system or for a remote location that require basic controller features.

AAN-4/2/1 controllers fully integrate a full range of reader types including proximity, smart card and biometric with up to 8 card formats supported simultaneously allowing you to mix and match different reader types or easily migrate old card populations. Paired with Apollo’s APACS Software, get easy biometric management and enrolment with central database storage and smart distribution of biometric templates.

A full array of input and output options are right on-board including auxiliary inputs and auxiliary and dedicated alarm outputs.  Not stopping there, Apollo ADA 10/11 Digital Relay Modules can be connected to lock down vulnerable door to interface wiring by only activating in response to an encoded digital signal generated by the controller.


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