• It is a tripod turnstile with two legs, which can be used for all kinds of places where medium security and pedestrian access control are intended. 
  • It will add a harmonious aesthetic to your spaces with its rounded leg design and special form indicators.
1,719.00 ₼



Handles Can be disassembled and installed one by one in Ø40x2 mm 304 quality (ops. 316 quality) stainless steel.

Indicators An aesthetically pleasing LED indicator embedded in the top cover of the semi-cylindrical legs.

Energy 110/220 V - 60/50 Hz. AC (± 10%), 24 V DC. Standby ~ 4.4 W. max. ~ 12 W.

Control System Can be controlled by dry contact (ground control).

It can work in harmony with all kinds of access control units and coin systems.

Ops. Its functions can be controlled via RS232, RS485 or LAN (network).

Transmission Speed ​​Mechanical Transmission Capacity (For Manual Systems): Max. 97 passes / min Nominal: 20 persons / min Mechanical Transition Capacity (For Motorized Systems): Max. 48 passes / min Nominal: 16 persons / min Initial Action Less than 0.3 seconds.

The use of different access control systems can change the number of passes. Operating Temperature -20 ° C / + 68 ° C (Ops. -50 ° C with heat positive) Minimum Pass Performance 15 Million and above. Operating Mode Both Direction On / Ops. One Way On - One Way Off / Ops. Both Directions Off

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