Parking Flap Lock

  • Anti-impact. Loading weight: 2 ton, 10 thousand times.
  • Prevent parking evasion. The flap is up to lock the car. After finish payment, the flap is down then the car owner can leave.
  • Parking space reservation by APP.
  • IP 67 Water-proof. Suitable for all situations.
  • Saving your cost. You also can choose solar energy, wind energy besides electricity.




Parking and payment procedure

1. Flap lock is installed installed in the middle of each parking space. Sometimes flap lock can be found in front of the parking space.

2. Drive over the flap lock and park the car at the vacant space. Even if it is vacant, do not park when the flap lock is up.

3. Park the car within 2 minutes. The flap lock will rise automatically.

4. Remember the number of the parking space.

5. Press the space number at the payment machine. After paying parking fee, the parking flap-lock will go down automatically.

6. Make sure that the flap is down before you drive out from the space.

parking flap lock

Technical Parameter

Power supplyelectricity, solar energy, wind energy
Dimension1050*330*220mm(up), 1050*330*121mm(down)
Drive modeMotor
Motor working voltage24V
Motor trigger wayLoop coil trigger
The max. resistance weight2 TONS
Barrier ascending time<10s
Barrier descending time<10s
Protection class IP67

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