Automatic Payment Station System

Automatic Payment station allows the driver to charge the parking fee automatically in paid parking spaces.

Features of Ticketed Parking System

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Touch Screen
  • Reading Barcoded Tickets
  • Process With Plate
  • RFID Card Reader
  • Ability To Pay With Paper Money
  • Ability To Pay With Coins
  • Able To Give Money
  • Receipt Printing
  • Credit Card Integration (Optional)
  • Cash Register Integration (Optional)
26,732.00 ₼



Automatic Payment-Station System Advantages

Parking management systems, which is one of the automatic pay station system, automatic parking and paid parking in the areas of the fee is used by the driver in a way that allows you to pay and quick system.


Short-term parking tickets which allows the card to be handled completely automatically, and the subscriber of the installation process, this device enables the acceleration of vehicle entry and exit. Featuring a locked cabinet, safe and solid, this device is the only time it's not because it provides savings from the staff is quite important. Parking management systems is situated between-Station automatic payment system has an ergonomic design.


Buy your ticket from a ticket machine or vehicle entering the parking lot, the subscriber will read the card. After this, the entry barrier will become active and the vehicle will be able to access. Afterwards, the automatic pay station at the station before the driver leaves his vehicle towards the payment process will not lose when you switch handle and no waiting time.


The parking fee of the collection of self-service is offered as this system, which has an important place in parking management systems. Automatic payment system for installed device, and display, pay on foot from the parking area, the most that can be performed in the appropriate field is established. Various payment methods with this device, coins, banknotes, credit cards and other payment systems can be used with. Manual payment station that minimizes the problem of time and labour power, automated payment systems, many are active in the area used as parking.

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