Parking System With Ticket (Exit Machine Station)

Manage and make faster the entry/exits as systematically.

Features of Ticket Parking System

  • Large Lcd Displayc
  • Ticket Issuance Rate < 2sec
  • Ethernet Connection
  • Ease Of Tariff Editing
  • Ability To Use Different Sizes Of Tickets
  • Ability To Write Detailed Tickets (Barcode, Business Name, Date And Time Etc.)
  • Define Subscriber
  • Direct Entry-exit With Subscriber Card
  • Receipt Writing
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Record-keeping (Entry-Exit Time)
  • Activation Only With Vehicle in Front
  • Maximum 1 Ticket Per Vehicle
  • License Plate Writing (Optional)
  • Intercom (Optional)
  • Cash Register Pos Integration (Optional)
6,604.50 ₼



White Rose Ticket Parking System (TPS) is a pass control system designed for paid parking lots, which allows the usage fee to be calculated automatically with the ticket issued by the system.

The ticket machine placed at the entrance of the parking lot is activated when a vehicle is in its proximity. By pressing the ticket button, the driver receives his ticket which has barcode and entry information. If the vehicle enters the parking lot, the ticket number is recorded into the system. The ticket is read by the operator with the barcode reader when vehicle is leaving the parking lot, fee is calculated automatically by the system.

The card reader on the ticket machine can also be used as for subscription based access control.

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