• Supports up to 32 card readers (either directly to intelligent card readers, or via Apollo AIM/API reader interfaces)
  • Up to 297,000 Cardholders / 65,535 Events with 2 MB of RAM
  • Supports Input to Relay linking across field devices
  • Anti-Passback (Hard & Soft)
  • 256 Access Levels / 128 Time Zones
  • 2-Card Access and Zone occupancy restriction
  • 2 Man Rule (Minimum occupancy)
  • Automatic Alarm masking/unmasking, Reader mode change, Output activation according to time zones and/or inputs
  • Elevator Control with or without floor selection feedback
  • Field Device Connection: (1) RS-485/232 ports, max 9600 baud.
  • Host Device Connection:
  • Serial interface port, max 57.6K Baud
  • ANI-1/100 Network Interface device (TCP/IP via RJ-45 jack) (AAN-32-NCC only)
  • Available addresses limited by network addresses available
  • Diagnostic LED's (for normal operation and self-test mode)
  • 8 Card formats per reader (depending on reader support)
  • Field-Replaceable plug-in communication drivers
  • 32-Bit CMOS processor
  • Surface-mount manufacturing technology
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Apollo’s AAN-32 Intelligent System Controller provides reliable, robust access control and alarm monitoring for up to 32 devices (readers, alarm panels, status panels) with a memory capacity of up to 297,00 cardholders/65,535 events. Perfect for small and medium sized installations while not compromising on advanced features such as inter-device reactions (Internal Variables) that are stored within the controller’s memory, operating without relying on a PC/software host. The AAN-32 is also ideally suited for remote sites for larger projects.

For fast loading of configuration/cardholder data and reporting of events, the AAN-32 can utilize RS-485, RS-232 or Ethernet communication with available 256-bit AES Rijndael encryption and dual-path communication.  Communication to devices is routed through a device port that supports a RS-485, RS-232 or Ethernet communication, monitored by an on-board communication status LED.


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