Material: plastic or zinc alloy
  Lock body material: Plastic
  Power supply: 4pcs AA alkaline batteries.
  Battery life span:  more than 15 months.
  Operating temperature: -30℃~80℃
  Antistatic behavior: >15,000V, information can be saved though in strong static
  Static Power Consumption: <5μA
  Dynamic Power Consumption: about 200mA
  Low voltage alarm: 4.8V
  Relative humidity: <95%
35.00 ₼


  1. No need writting/ stand-alone  /easy to set up
  2. With external power interface (Audio interface) for emergency.
  3. Auto-rebounce function without handle, easy operate.
  4. Applicable to agent , school, spa/sauna bath center, swimming pool, gym, golf, supermarket, hotel, company, factory, business, household,

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