Hand-Held Metal Security Dedector GP-3003B1

Manual safety metal detector;

Detection of objects from ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

Operating frequency: 95 kHz;

Power supply: 9 V battery "Krona", resource up to 40 hours;

Indicator: dynamic, LED 3 colors.




Metal detector

GP-3003B Hand Metal Detector

The GP-3003B Hand Metal Detector detects metal objects. Due to the sensitivity adjustment, metals can be of different sizes. It has a large scanning area, which significantly speeds up the verification process. The battery is used as a power source. GP-3003B metal detector is one of the most popular hand metal detectors in the world. Used properly, it is extremely effective in detecting the smallest metal objects. It works in the low frequency range and is completely safe during searches in pregnant women and those who have a pacemaker, including the search for metal objects. You can buy this product by ordering on our website. We would like to hear from you.

Features of Aoyodi GP-3003B1 Hand Metal Detector:

  • Metal type: non-ferrous, black;
  • Maximum detection distance: pistol - 16 cm, knife - 15 cm, small items - 6 cm;
  • Sensitivity setting: automatic;
  • Operating frequency: 95 kHz;
  • Detection warning: sound and light indicator, vibration;
  • Battery type - 6F22ND "Krona" (not included);
  • Job print: OR;
  • Built-in speaker;
  • Impact protection;
  • Operating time is not more than 40 hours;
  • Belt work;
  • Rust passes.

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